Business Permits and Licences

Licences and permits are issued by Local, State and Federal government agencies. Following are some of the most common licences and permits for home-based business owners.

  • Market stall holders
  • Roadside trading
  • Food preparation / handling
  • Signage

Advertising Signage

Is NOT REQUIRED for an advertised area of no more than 0.2sqm for a home-based business

Is REQUIRED if the advertisement area is greater the 0.2sqm for a home-based business

The above generally applies to residential zoned land.  If you are unsure check with your local council. Your Local Council will check to make sure your area is zoned for that purpose and there is enough car parking spaces available to meet the codes.

Business licences and permits - Planning Permits

Check your Local Council website for specific details requiring planning permits. As a guideline permits can be issued for a home-based business for the following requirements;

  • Allow no more than 3 non dwelling people to work in the home-based business at any one time
  • No more than 1/3 of the net floor space or floor space not exceeding 200sqm of the home

No more than one additional commercial vehicle, not exceeding 2 tonnes capacity and with or without a trailer registered to the resident of the dwelling.

The best place to start is Australian Business Licence and Information Service ABLIS   This is a fantastic tool to help you locate any licences across all levels of government you may need to operate your home-based business.

Alternatively use your States websites search tool to find more information regarding permits and licences required in your area.

Business Gov 

Provides information on how to plan, start and run a business and access government programs.

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