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.Posted 19th February 2019Can Critical Thinking Help Your Home-Based Business

"Homepreneurs" work on their goals by engaging in positive actions — hitting the pavement, running or walking daily, planning their social media content or contemplating on how to increased their client intake. But they may be overlooking one of the most important tools for effecting change – the power of thought. So can critical thinking help me make better decisions for my home-based business? Read more

Posted 15th February 2019Follow these 5 steps to take your home-based business full time this year

Is your home-based business growing to a point that it is 75% equivalent to working a full time job or to a second full time job? Maybe you are caring for children at home and your home-based business is taking off, and want to dedicate more time. If you are at home caring for children give yourself permission to either have your children in day care or work early mornings before the family rises for the day, so you have the ability to develop and grow your business. As my daughter was growing up we had friends that consulted from their home office or built a children's costume empire and their children we in care a couple of days a week. And today many of the VA's work around their children and work late at night and very early mornings. Don't feel you are alone.  According to the 2017 ABS stats 763,000 Australians had a second job and predict this will continue to rise over the coming years.  Read more...

14th February 2019

Does your business utilise an online collection agency

How many unpaid invoices do you have to follow up for payment for your home-based business. It is very time consuming chasing invoices for payment from your clients. For those that use a e-commerce cart, offer online courses or programs or take payments via Square or Stripe are you integrating an online collection agency? Read more...

Posted 12th February 2019

Spice up your home-based business marketing strategy

Marketing is an essential part of any SME or Micro business. As a home-based business owner, you likely have developed (or need to establish) a marketing action plan. But because marketing online is ever-changing, keeping up with trends it can be difficult and potentially time consuming. Read more...

Posted 5th February 2019

Want to work from home?

Working from home in your own home-based business is the way to go! 

Whether you are setting up your own venture or a franchise business, working from home may the the right solution for you. Having a home-based business has some fantastic benefits, such as creating your hours to work around family commitments and creating a lifestyle that is flexible and meets your desired financial goals.  Read more....

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No matter where you're at on your career path, The Small Business Launching Pad have the training resources that can help you scale impact and build a sustainable home-based business.