Program Overview

Program duration: 4 weeks

Cost Full Fee $60.00 or Concession $50.00.  Max No of Participants 15 

In this program we look at how to create and implement effective business systems into your business framework. This program will provide the insight and tools for documenting your daily activities to help you set yourself up for success. You will receive practical skills and resource guides that can be applied to all aspects of your business allowing you to take a more systematic approach and streamline workflow efficiencies. By using real world business scenarios along with practical skills and resource guides to enable you to gain confidence in applying a document management system, electronic filling system and creating relevant templates for your business. Thus, creating a more systematic approach and streamlining workflow efficiencies. 

    This program is offered as a pre-accredited course and is funded by ACFE through Hallam Community Learn Local. The primary purpose of pre-accredited training programs is to provide vocational training to engage those who are in business but struggling, new businesses, people who have just started, in business, home-based business, working for a business? Or those looking for employment.

 To be eligible you must at least be 18 years of age and have a Green Medicare Card (Permanent Resident or Citizen). Other eligible Visa holders include Visa (sub‐class 444 New Zealand citizen), Temporary Protection visa, East Timorese asylum seeker - Please advise if you hold one of these Visa Categories.


  • Understanding workflow documentation, why it is important to document processes and how to document a process. Introduce the fundamental blue-print to be applied when developing a process

  • Best practice tips and tricks and benefits of developing documented work-flows. Ultimate goals that documenting workflow can achieve. Flowchart templates – Creately, Trello, Microsoft Word and Google Docs

  • How to create an electronic filing system

  • How to create a document management system

Limited spaces

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9703 1688