Program Overview

Program duration: 13 weeks

 $97 full fee or $50.00 concession 

This foundational program provides an overview of 10 core digital areas you need to master in today’s work environment. From communication, marketing, automation, project management and so much more. Understanding how, when and why the use of these tools is what effective business is about. This will allow you to focus more time and energy into the proactive side of your business as opposed to the day to day administration. 

 Enrollments to go through to Hallam Community Learning Centre directly. 

    This program is offered as a pre-accredited course and is funded by ACFE through Hallam Community Learn Local. The primary purpose of pre-accredited training programs is to provide those who are in business but struggling, new businesses, people who have just started, in business, home-based business, working for a business? Or those looking for employment.

 To be eligible you must at least be 18 years of age and have a Green Medicare Card (Permanent Resident or Citizen). Other eligible Visa holders include Visa (sub‐class 444 New Zealand citizen), Temporary Protection visa, East Timorese asylum seeker - Please advise if you hold one of these Visa Categories.



  • Communication - Preparing for networking, networking interactions, creating engagement, measuring positive outcomes and rehearsal techniques.

  • Personal brand is so much more than a name. We will deep dive into your core values to generate a brand strategy that can cut through with a story.

  • Finances - This will provide you with an overview of the tools necessary to navigate bookkeeping & finance in a modern workplace.

  • Marketing - Develop an effective marketing strategy in just 60 mins per day

  • Tech It is more than just coding learn how to plan and create a website or an online store with little or no coding.

  • Email inbox and calendar management. We will walk thru the key applications and tools available in G Suite and 10 core steps to organizing and streamlining email inbox

  • Design - You will discover how to find quality “royalty-free images” and tools to create simple graphics or social media posts

  • Analytics - For any business with an online presence, it is vital to understand how users interact to pages and products.

  • Social Media - How to build and manage a social media presence

  • Project Management - Learn how to effectively manage all sorts of different projects and task

Limited Spaces

To secure your spot please call

03 9703 1688